Weapon Icon Alchemist Satchel
Weapon Alchemist Satchel
Primary Attack
Damage 200 (Acid)
Mana Cost 43
Range 600 (AoE)
Effect Places 1 acid bomb
Secondary Attack
Mana Cost 20
Effect Detonates all acid bombs

The Alchemist Satchel is a weapon from the Artifacts of Power DLC. Up to three acid bombs can be placed and detonated remotely.


Primary Fire will throw out one circular acid bomb that is affected by physics, costing about 1/3 of your mana. This allows you to throw an acid bomb down stairs or over a ledge for long range. Secondary fire detonates all acid bombs in play at once. The explosion is strong enough to instantly kill standard Orcs in one hit if they do not have a shield. Acid Bombs can also be detonated by traps if traps go off with an acid bomb on top of them or their area of effect. They can be combined with traps in this way to increase their potency and area of effect.

Orcs Must Die 2

The Alchemist Satchel returns in Orcs Must Die 2 for the purchase price of 14 Skull.

While the satchel's base damage seems to have been reduced in the sequel, only being able to reduce light orc infantry to low HP instantly, this is compensated for by the satchel's higher upgraded damage which, when maxed out, can instantly kill medium orc infantry and considerably damage other nearby enemies.


  • Level 1 - Alchemy bombs deal increased damage and have increased area effect - 3 Skull
  • Level 2 - 8 Skull
  • Level 3 - 16 Skull
  • Unique 1 - Acid Bombs slow enemies for a few seconds - 6 Skull
  • Unique 2 - Acid Bombs destroyed by traps or weapons deal additional acid damage over time - 6 Skull


  • The acid bomb has a larger blast area than the Boom Barrel.