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Ancestor damages enemies by stealing their health, which he then turns into more health for himself and his team members. As the game continues, his power only increases.


  • Vampiric Bolt - Drains Health from enemies, healing The Ancestor. Costs Mana to cast.
  • Touch of the Grave - Affects both allies and enemies near the target. Enemies are damaged, while allies are healed. Amount of damage and healing is based on the size of Ancestor's mana pool.
  • Sustenance - The ancestor converts a portion of his own health to Mana.
  • Hallowed Ground - Ghastly hands come out of the ground to grab at passing enemies, and randomly Root them. Deaths occuring on Hallowed Ground double the effect of Ghost Link.
  • Ghost Link (passive) - The Ancestor's Mana pool grows when minions and heroes die near him. Minions increase pool size a little, Heroes increase it by a lot.

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