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The apprentice utilizes flexibility in magic types to provide ranged magical support. Her melee is powerful, but only in emergencies, as she is still fairly young and unarmored.

A spunky adolescent with a penchant for “accidentally blowing up the turkey” and “not meaning to freeze Temper’s tail to the forge”, the Apprentice is War Mage’s first (and probably the last) protégé. She can’t really control her powers, including which element they happen to be, and that is both awesome and terrifying. Her familiar, Feebee, is a shape-changing creature of chaos itself; the firebat will change element to match her mistress.

  • Chaotic Prism (Primary) At the start of each match, Chaos randomly selects a school of magic from: Fire, Frost, Aracne, or Lightning. Chaotic Prism casts a ranged spell of the selected type.
  • Book Bash (Secondary) The Apprentice uses her Chaos Tome as a club, inflicting physical damage at melee range. This also kicks her target to the side.
  • Feebee the Firebat (Passive) The Apprentice's baby Firebat occasionally attacks a nearby enemy with the same damage type of her currently assigned magical affinity. Feebee cannot be hit or killed.
  • Spell Swap Chaos chooses another random school of magic for The Apprentice. It also fires off an extra powerful shot with the new damage type.
  • Exploding Touch This spell targets a single enemy of ally minion. The target moves faster and explodes on death, inflicting damage of her current type in an area of effect.

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