Icon The Order Autoballista
Trap Autoballista
Placement Ceiling
Cost 1000 Coin
Upgrade 16 Skull

The Autoballista is a ceiling placed Damage Trap introduced on Hard Climb, level 21. It automatically fires a powerful bolt that penetrate enemies within range, dealing high damage and one hit wonder killing most enemies.

When upgraded to Sniper Autoballista, its range increases.

The obvious alternative to Autoballista are Archer Guardians. Compared to Archer Guardians, the Autoballista have greater range, more damage per shot, usually easier placement, and cannot be attacked by enemies. However, Autoballistae suffer from a much lower rate of fire, greater cost, and a limited arc of fire.

Orcs Must Die! 2


  • Tiered: Autoballista fires faster - 3,7,15 Skulls
  • Unique 1: Attack briefly stuns target - 6 Skulls
  • Unique 2: Range increased - 6 Skulls
  • Special 1: Can now be placed on walls - 12 Skulls


  • The Autoballista is counted as a Guardian, meaning that placing a Autoballista will build towards the Guardian max limit. However, this does only appear in Orcs Must Die 2, and does not seem to be a feature in the original Orcs Must Die game.