Orcs Must Die! 2

Icon The Mob Ball and Chain
Ball and ChainTakes lots of punishment; empowers nearby orcs
Health 800
Damage 40 (impact)
Reward 50Coin
Speed 300
Specialty Buff orcs

The Ball and Chain, introduced in the Family Ties DLC, is an enormous yellow ogress wielding a gigantic ball-and-chain.


  • She will let out a distinctive bellow upon entering the map, and will continue to do so from time to time. This has the effect of empowering nearby Orc Warriors, who gain a green aura around their heads indicating their buffed status.
    • This buff will double orc damage and reduce damage they take by 33% for 30 seconds.
  • She has health comparable to that of an Armored Ogre, and likes to travel with Hobgoblin Healers. Said Healers should be dealt with prior to killing.
  • She is immune to The Sorceress's charms.
  • Like the Amored Ogre, she cannot be knocked down with the upgraded Blunderbuss

Orcs Must Die! Unchained

This article contains information about an unreleased product.
Information herein is preliminary and subject to change.

Ball and Chain returns in Orcs Must Die! Unchained as a playable hero, fighting for The Unchained. Orcs near Ball and Chain want to protect her. When she is close to orcs and takes damage, some of the damage will be passed along to a friendly orc instead. She uses a Morning Star as weapon, with it she can slam the ground: knocking back all nearby enemies. Friendly nearby orcs move faster, while enemy orcs move more slower.


Female orcs are rarely seen - with good reason. Only one in every few hundred orc births is female. How the species manages to achieve positive annual population growth with such a gender ratio is a mystery (one best left unexplored). This much is certain: female orcs are larger, angrier, prone to fits of rage, and absolute terrors on and off the battlefield.

For years, the individual known as Ball and Chain has been in the vanguard of Orc assaults on the rift fortresses. She has another name, but it is only known by her close family, and is only whispered in the quiet hours of the darkest nights for fear of drawing her attention.

Orcs are generally monogamous but Ball and Chain has had at least a dozen mates. Four were said to have been squashed, three suffocated, and the rest simply vanished.

Since her first appearance on the battlefield, Ball and Chain has collected the skulls of many war mages and personally led the forces of the Unchained on four seasonal campaigns of conquest. She bathes in the blood of slain enemies and never sleeps. She also enjoys crochet.


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