Icon The Order Barricade
Trap Barricade
Placement Floor
Cost 800, 700 (Upgrade) Coin
Upgrade 12 Skull
Health 750

The Barricade is a floor placed Misc Trap in Orcs Must Die! It is introduced in the Overpass, level 6. It acts as a path blocker for enemies and allows the War Mage to re-route them as desired. However any and all enemy troops will destroy Barricades blocking their path if there is no other way for them to get to any of the Rifts on a level. Also note that most enemy attacks do splash damage, so if you or an ally is standing next to a Barricade when under attack, the Barricade may suffer collateral damage. This makes Barricades a poor combination with adjacent Spore Mushrooms, for example.

Orcs Must Die! 2


  • Tiered: Lowers the cost by 100 per upgrade - 3,6,13 Skulls
  • Unique 1: Take reduced damage from attacks - 5 Skulls
  • Unique 2: Barricades self repair shortly after taking damage -5 Skulls