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Unchained blackpaw enchanted

Blackpaw enchanted skin

Blackpaw is a playable Gnoll in Orcs Must Die! Unchained who fights for The Unchained.


  • Leap - Blackpaw can double-jump to leap forward.
  • Claw - A melee attack that damages enemies in front of Blackpaw.
  • Bite - Blackpaw gnaws on a single target in melee range. If the attack hits, Blackpaw recovers some health.
  • Sic 'Em - Two spirit gnolls spawn to fight at Blackpaw.
  • Ignore Pain - Temporarily increases the armor of all gnolls around Blackpaw (including spirit gnolls).


Blackpaw was the runt of a large litter born under a full moon. Gnolls regarded such cubs as 'spirit touched' - doomed to an early death and a quick transition to join their ancestors in the Hunting Grounds Beyond. Blackpaw would not only defy the odds and survive a traditionally brutal gnoll childhood, but would grow up to become one of the most effective Unchained assassins.

Blackpaw demonstrated potential at an early age when he murdered his littermates while they nursed. Quickly taken away from his mother, he thrived under the harsh hunter training regimen, demonstrating both strength and stealth in equal measure. On his first foray to an Order fortress, he managed to scale a sheer wall and tear apart five elven archers in less than five seconds, single-handedly disrupting the Order defenses and clearing the way for a large group of orcs below.

As he grew older, Blackpaw embraced the 'spirit touched' label as a point of pride. Claiming he was too strong for his ancestors to drag him to the Hunting Grounds Beyond, he bragged that he would drag his ancestors back into our world to serve him instead. Unchained who fight as Blackpaw's allies swear that they sometimes see ghostly forms at his side as the ferocious hunter rips through the ranks of the enemy.


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