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Bloodspike is a playable character in Orcs Must Die! Unchained.He needs to be unlocked either through the shop or a card pack(tiny chance). He uses Twin Axes which he can also use to slow enemies.


  • Ladies of Death - Bloodspike attacks in melee with his twin axes, fondly named Bridget and Delilah.
  • Hamstring for Dinner - A melee attack that does damage and slows targets.
  • Orc-flavoured Sacrifice - Bloodspike targets a friendly orc. The orc becomes a time bomb, gaining trap armour, moving forward faster and then exploding, doing damage in an area around him.
  • Kindred Bond - A toggle; when on, nearby ogres move faster, do additional damage, and are constantly healed. If Bloodspike is killed when this aura is active, any ogres that were being affected by the aura take damage.
  • Bloodlust (passive ability) - Any allied orc that dies within a large radius around Bloodspike provides him with mana.


Orcs traditionally rise through the ranks of the Unchained through brutality, stubbornness, and bullying. Bloodspike is an ideal orc commander, and has also left a trail of dead rivals in his wake during his rise to power.

As a young orc in training, Bloodspike was rumored to have played a role in the 'accidental' deaths of several classmates. On his first assault on a rift, he led the initial waves, but somehow managed to be exactly one half-step behind other orcs. He avoided triggering any traps until a concealed flip-trap hurled him back and away from the rift right at his moment of triumph.  

Having learned a valuable lesson at the cost of a few bruises, Bloodspike subsequently led multiple successful assaults on the rift fortresses, personally slaying two war mages. A master strategist, he pioneered the common Unchained tactic of sending in ogres at the vanguard of assaults to break through the Order traps and soak up archer fire.

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