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Weapon Icon Bone Amulet
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Primary Attack
Damage 16 x 25 (explosive)
Mana Cost 25
Range 2000
Secondary Attack
Mana Cost 75
Effect Summons a Bone Golem

The Bone Amulet is a magical weapon usable by both the Sorceress and the War mage in Orcs Must Die! 2.

Primary fire sends a wave of bony hands ahead of the player damaging all enemies on the ground that it touches, alternate fire summons a 'Bone golem' which is a giant skeleton that will attack and distract enemies.


Bone Golem

Icon The Order Bone Golem
2014-08-05 00003
Health 600
Mana 0
Damage 15 (cutting)
Speed 300
  • Takes -75% piercing damage
  • Takes -50% cutting damage
  • Takes +100% impact damage
  • Takes +300% explosive damage
  • Immune to burning
  • Immune to bleeding
  • Loses 20 health per second

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