Icon The Order Boom Barrel
Boom Barrel Render
Placement Floor
Cost 200 Coin
Upgrade 10 Skull
Health 10
Damage 500 (Explosive)
Range 500
Arc 360°
Effect Flinches targets

The Boom Barrel is single-charge explosive device capable of causing massive area of effect damage. Unless you have a good tactic, it is not recommended to use them near the orc spawns, since they will quickly get in front of it, making it worthless.


Packing a powerful whallop, this cheap, disposable container chock-full of magical explosives is the ideal way to ruin an orc's afternoon. The boom barrel - never leave home without it![1]

Boom goes the dynamite! Drop these tasty explosive treats in tight corridors, light them up with your crossbow, then sit back and watch orc giblets paint the walls red. For maximum kill-streaky goodness, wait until large groups of enemies are clustered around a boom barrel before pulling the trigger.[2]


Great for killing Ogres and Gnoll Hunters. The most effective way to use a Barrel is to place it in the center of a small path. Barrels make it easy to complete the map Chokepoint because all the enemies will walk the small bridge. Place some Tar Pits on the bridge to slow the pace. Wait until the enemies surround the Barrel, then shoot it and watch the fireworks.


Steam-icon-Pow-Pow Pow! Pow!
Get 50 kills with explosive barrels on one level


To gain this achievement play the first level : the Hallway .  Place a 2 x 2 matrix of tar traps just ahead of where the hallway narrows from the gate.  This will be out of the range of the archers, whom you don't want helping.  Place the bomb barrel as one of your easy to get to hotkeys (3 or 4) since you will be placing them during the wave.  Place one barrel in the center of the 2x2 tar traps.

Start the wave.  Let the orcs trudge through the tar till they get past the first row of tar traps, just before they pass the barrel.   Use the secondary power of your crossbow to stun the line of orcs, giving other orcs time to catch up to the front line, and to include more orcs in the explosion.  Just as the stun wears off, shoot the barrel.  Immediately setup another barrel in the same spot.  Use the wind belt to give yourself room if the orcs outside of the barrel's explosion are too close.  You should get the achievement after 3 or 4 detonations on War Mage difficulty.

Do not let the orcs pass the barrel, or they may get in front of it and block your shot of the barrel.  Use the wind belt if things get out of control.

You cannot place a barrel in the midst of the orcs, use the wind belt to make room, or sprint backward.


Orcs Must Die! Boom Barrel Spotlight HD Video game trailer - PC PS3 X360

Orcs Must Die! Boom Barrel Spotlight HD Video game trailer - PC PS3 X360

Boom Barrel Spotlight