Minions are one of the most important elements in Orcs Must Die Unchained! Your goal is to keep them safe until they reach the enemies rift.


You can create a army of minions by placing minion cards in the gates. As the gate gains levels you can deploy stronger and more dangerous minions. The are level 1,2,3 and 4 minion cards. Some minion cards contain a lot of weak minions and other a few strong. Depending on the level a card will cost more Leadership points. There are however Minion Cards that are a higher level, but cost 0 leadership. Those cards are weaker then the normal cards.

Level Cost
Level 1 0
Level 2 500
Level 3 1000
Level 4 1500


The minions are divided in Unchained and Order minions. Both factions have minions that are somewhat alike, although their stats can differ.


The Runners are minions that are extremely fast. The Runners don't have much health and won't attack players, they just go for the rift! Remember that Runners will attack obstacles in their path, so they will take down the gates.


Hunters don't care much for the rift, they will instead attack players and Guardians.

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