Crunch is the twelfth level in Orcs Must Die! 2 and the fifth in Act 2. Upon its completion the Bear Trap is awarded.

Crunch Map

Level Description


  • Entrance Doors: 4
  • Flyer Entrances: 2
  • Exit Rifts: 1
  • Waves: 12
  • Rift Points: 30 (Nightmare: 15, Endless: 30)
  • Completion Time (par): 27:00
  • Starting Money: 6000Coin (Endless: 12000Coin)



  • There are raised platforms along the north and south sides of the central platform. These are good places for Archer Guardians, which have many angles of attack from this vantage point. However, watch out for Gnoll Hunters, which may attempt to attack them.
  • If you use physics traps, be careful that you do not fling enemies too far--the lava/acid pools around the central platform are quite narrow.


Preparation Track :Two Tone Towers

Battle Track : Mine Games