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Icon The Order Decoy
Placement Floor
Cost 700 Coin
Upgrade 10 Skull
Damage 800 (Explosive)
Range 600
Arc 360°
Effect Flinches targets

The Decoy is a floor placed Damage Trap in Orcs Must Die! It is introduced in Killing Fields, level 18. After taking a certain amount of damage, it will explode, dealing high damage to everything within range.

General Info

  • Level Obtained: Killing Fields (Level 18)
  • Cost (Coins): 700
  • Placement: Floor
  • Upgrade: Reinforced Decoy
  • Upgrade Cost: 10 skulls
  • Upgrade Ability: Takes more damage before exploding


Steam-icon-Pow-Pow Pow! Pow!
Get 50 kills with explosive barrels on one level

Orcs must die! 2

In Orcs Must Die! 2 this trap can be upgraded to either freeze enemies when they hit it - which increses its durability significantly - or to respawn 2.5 minutes after it gets destroyed, but no longer explodes. In this case it can be sold for a full refund while it is inactive. This way the respawn timer can be circumvented in any break if the player is fast enough - similar to the reactivation of Spore Mushrooms.

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