Icon The Order Dwarf Guardian
Dwarf GuardianThrows explosive bombs at enemies
Placement Floor
Cost 900 Coin
Health 150
Damage 20 (explosive), 15 melee (impact)
Range 2500
Arc 300 AoE
Effect Throws explosive bombs at enemies

The Dwarf Guardian is a guardian introduced in Orcs Must Die! 2. It throws bombs at enemy units and can attack up close with its hammer.

When enemies come within 300 range, it will switch to melee attacks.


  • Upgrade (3x): Increases bomb damage to 23.0/26.5/30. Increases melee damage to 17.25/20.0/22.5. Costs 3 Skull.
  • Unique 1: The bombs causes bleeding. Costs 5 Skull.
  • Unique 2: Dwarfs melee attacks sometimes knock back foes. Costs 5 Skull.

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