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Weapon Icon Dwarven Hammer
Weapon Dwarven Hammer
Primary Attack
Effect heavy basic attack
Secondary Attack
Effect whirlwind mode draining mana per second

The Dwarven Hammer is a weapon in Orcs Must Die! 2. The War Mage can purchase it from the Spellbook at a cost of 13 Skull. Its a useful weapon against large enemies like ogres or trolls and its secondary whirlwind attack can kill a large number of orcs in a short period. Its great against all types of ogres since it deals lots of normal damage instead of fire or ice.


  • Level 1 - Whirlwind attack does increased damage - 3 Skull
  • Level 2 - Whirlwind attack does increased damage - 7 Skull
  • Level 3 - Whirlwind attack does increased damage - 15 Skull
  • Unique 1 - Take less damage while using whirlwind - 6 Skull
  • Unique 2 - Primary attack stuns enemies - 6 Skull

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