Icon The Mob Earth Lord
Earth Lord SquareSplits when killed into two Earth Elementals
Health 300
Reward 0Coin
Multiplier Explosive x 2.0
Acid x 0.5
Lightning x 0.33
Piercing x 0.25
Cutting x 0.5
Burning x 0.0
Speed 200

Similar to the Earth Elemental, the Earth Lord spawns two Earth Elementals when killed. It is slow moving but very powerful. Earth Lords are very resistant to fire and lightning damage and vulnerable to ice damage.

When a Earth Lord splits, the spawned monsters will "forget" that they visited any waypoints that you blocked with Barricades and will attempt to visit them again.


Like Earth Elementals, they have a weakness to explosive damage (e.g. Blunderbuss grenades or Boom Barrels). The Bone Amulet can be especially effective since it deals explosive damage and has no cool down. Similar: Bladstaff's secondary attack, although you have to be closer than with the Bladestaff.

They are pushed around by the Spike Wall trap, which may give you more time and helps to bring their health down, too.

Freezing them with the Ice Amulet weapon and then using Crossbow's headshot or weapons with expolsion damage works but takes time, because you will have to deal with the smaller versions of this enemy.

To prevent the smaller versions (Earth Elemental, Earthling) from spawning, you may catch the Earth Lord with a Spore Mushroom and remove it during a countdown (or big break) - before the Earth Lord dies.

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