This article contains information about an unreleased product.
Information herein is preliminary and subject to change.
Weaver Support


Rarity: Rare

Costs: 1000-3000 coins


Name Effect Cost
Mana Regen Increase the base rate of Mana regeneration on your Hero. Mana Regen +38.00% Gold 2000
Fire Armor Grants the hero bonus armor against Fire type damage. Fire Armor +60.00 Gold 2500
Frost Armor Grants the hero bonus armor against Frost type damage. Frost Armor +60.00 Gold 2500
Trickle Coin¹ Provides a slow but constant flow of Coin to your Hero. Coin per sec 3.60 Gold 2000
Hold Fast All of your Hero's crowd control abilities (Stun, mesmerize, Root) last longer. Control Strength +39.00% Gold 3000
Stand together All Heroes on your team heal faster from all healing sources. Team Heal Rate +23.00% Gold 2000
Afterlife Respawn time for all Heroes on your team is shortened. Team Respawn Time -21.00% Gold 3000

¹Trickle Coin gives you 3.6 coins per second. It takes 555 seconds (9:15 min) for this effect to earn it self back.

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