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This article contains information about an unreleased product.
Information herein is preliminary and subject to change.
Weaver Lightning


Rarity: Rare

Costs: 1000-3000 coins


Name Effect Cost
Lightning Armor Grants the hero bonus armor against Lightning type damage. Lightning Armor +60.0 Gold 2500
Arcane Armor Grants the hero bonus armor against Arcane type damage. Arcane Armor +60.00 Gold 2500
Trickle Coin¹ Provides a slow but constant flow of Coin to your Hero. Coin per sec 3.60 Gold 2000
Extra Mana Grants the hero additional maximum Mana. Increases Mana by +50.00 Gold 3000
Grounded Your minions get bonus armor against Lightning type damage. Minion Armor Lightning +50.00 Gold 2000
Energized Your hero gains Lightning affinity, causing all damage and e ffects from Lightning attacks to be more effective. Affinity Lightning +17.0 Gold 2500
Rift Lightning Your team's rift gains the ability to fire Lightning attacks at nearby enemies. Rift Lightning every 6.00 seconds. Gold 1000

¹Trickle Coin gives you 3.6 coins per second. It takes 555 seconds (9:15 min) for this effect to earn it self back.

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