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Icon The Mob Frostbat
FrostbatFlying enemy that avoids floor traps
Health 220
Damage 100 (AoE)
Reward 20Coin
Multiplier Piercing x 2.0
Bladestaff x 4.0
Fire x 3.0
Lightning x 0.35
Explosive x 0.1
Sharp x 2.0
Ice x 0.1
Speed 300
Specialty Flying, freezes targets
Rift Points 1

The Frostbat is a flying enemy that in Orcs Must Die! appears in the Lost Adventures DLC, and in Orcs Must Die! 2 appears in the normal game, in the level Crunch. It is the ice equivalent of the Hellbat, and it freezes any guardians or players it attacks for a few seconds, making them unable to move and attack, and causing them to take more damage.

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