Icon The Mob Gnoll Grenadier
Gnoll Grenadier
Health 200
Damage 100 (direct hit, no damage type) + 30 splash damage (explosive)
Reward 30Coin
Loot 1 Coin
Multiplier Burning="16.5" Bleeding="8.25" Piercing="0.33"
Speed 720
Specialty Climbs over Barricades, throws grenades, kites
Rift Points 1

The Gnoll Grenadier is an enemy in Orcs Must Die! 2. It appears in Nightmare Mode and Endless Mode. They try to keep their distance from The War Mage or Sorceress and will throw grenades.


The Gnoll Grenadier poses a serious threat to archer guardians and the Sorceress, as they both possess low health and are vulnerable even when located on a normally safe spot such as a pillar or separate platform. The Sorceress may have a harder time dealing with gnolls if the Sceptre of Domination is her only weapon, as Gnolls' are resistant to piercing damage.

Gnolls are very vulnerable to burning damage (not direct fire damage as such) so the Flame Bracers can quickly and reliably dispatch them. Brimstone is very effective at softening these enemies up if not outright killing them when fully upgraded.

They are also vulnerable to bleeding damage but traps which utilize this effect (e.g floor spikes) will often be too slow to catch a moving gnoll so position them effectively if you want to guarantee kills.

Archer Guardians with fire arrows are still unlikely to win a standoff against these enemies and will suffer splash damage if they are in tightly packed groups, so avoid relying on archers as they may suffer unwanted casualties, especially as grenadiers often appear in pairs or with gnoll hunters.


  • Gnoll Grenadiers lose their 'kiting' (randomly moving away from their target) ability if they are charmed or converted with the spore trap.
  • The Gnoll's grenades are more deadly than a fully upgraded Dwarf Guardian's, regardless of difficulty.

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