Icon The Mob Goblin Sapper
Goblin sapperDangerous fast-moving enemy; explodes and disables traps
Speed 600
Specialty Disabling traps, climbs barricades.

The Goblin Sapper, introduced in the Are We There Yeti? DLC, is a small fast-moving enemy that attempts to disable certain Traps by sprinting to them and exploding. They behave similar to Kobold Sappers, although they deal no damage to the player.


  • Goblin Sappers are more damage-resistant than their Kobold counterparts, but they are vulnerable to lightning damage. A Lightning Ring is very effective at taking out groups of these enemies.
  • When the Goblin Sapper explodes, it disables any traps within 1-3 blocks of the explosion for 10 seconds. The afflicted traps will be surrounded by electric auras.
  • Some traps, such as Brimstone and Shock Zapper, will lose their stored charge, and will only recharge after the disable effect wears off.
  • Using the Trap Reset Trinket will restore any disabled traps to full operational status.

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