1 Armored Grizzly, 1 Grizzly, 1 Dwarf Grenadier


Rarity: Rare

Leadership: 1500

Rank: 4

Armored Grizzly

A giant, powerful bear with Physical and Frost armor. Bear attacks apply a temporary stack of Physical armor reduction to their targets.

Stats Armor
DPS 125.00 Physical 90.00
Hit Points 1580 Arcane 0.00
Speed 1.00 Fire 0.00
Rift Points 3 Frost 70.00
Range 1.30 Lightning -20.00
Bounty 350


Grizzly minions are highly resistant to Frost and do powerful Physical attack at melee range.

Stats Armor
DPS 80.00 Physical 65.00
Hit Points 775 Arcane 0.00
Speed 1.00 Fire 0.00
Rift Points 2 Frost 100.00
Range 1.30 Lightning 0.00
Bounty 190

Dwarf Grenadier

Small in size, Dwarf Grenadiers throw grenades that do Physical area-of-effect damage. Due to explosive familiarity, they are highly resistant to Fire damage.

Stats Armor
DPS 50.00 Physical 90.0
Hit Points 280 Arcane 0.00
Speed 1.00 Fire 130.00
Rift Points 0 Frost 0.00
Range 4.20 Lightning 0.00
Bounty 85

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