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Hogarth is a playable character in Orcs Must Die! Unchained. He is one of five starter heroes. He uses the Battleaxe which enables him to leap foward, stunning and doing frost damage in an area upon landing.



  • Tough (passive) - Nearby freindly minoins and allies gain physical armour.
  • Magic shield - When activated, a magic shield appears around hograth for a  brief time which reduces all froms of incoming frontal damage for both him and nearby freindly minions.
  • Hatchet! - Hograth hurls a hatchet, which passes through enemies until it hits a wall or reaches it's maximum range. every enemy hit takes frost damage and is slowed.


Born on an ice-bound world where only the strongest survived childhood, Hogarth was the undisputed leader of his tribe - until the rifts opened and the Unchained poured through. Hogarth managed to survive the subsequent slaughter and would go on to wage a successful guerilla war from deep in the mountains.

The Unchained sent army after army through the rifts, hoping to pacify the world and claim its valuable mineral deposits. But Hogarth disrupted the invasions for more than a decade, even finding the time to construct a series of enormous monuments from his growing collection of orc skulls.

Eventually the Unchained abandoned their efforts and moved on to easier conquests - but Hogarth wasn't finished. He pursued the Unchained back through the rifts, tearing a swath of destruction through enemy supply lines, continuing to wage one-man war on those who had destroyed his tribe.

At last, the renowned orc sniper Deadeye caught Hogarth unaware and in the open, putting a bolt straight through his right knee. Hogarth managed to wrench the bolt out and escaped, dragging his shattered leg to the safety of a hidden cave. There, unconscious and bleeding out, he was found and nursed back to health by the Order mage Ivy.

In gratitude, Hogarth now fights for the Order, often leading the charge against his hated enemies.

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