Ivy is a playable character in Orcs Must Die! Unchained. She is one of five starter heroes. She uses the longbow which enables her to fire Power-shots which pierce through enemies.



  • Survivor (passive) - When Ivy's health drops low, she gains amazing speed and does not trigger traps to flee to safety
  • Balm - When activated, heals nearby friendly minions and allies for a short duration.
  • Entangle - Nearby enemies are briefly rooted. Rooted heroes can still attack and use abilities


The Elves were the oldest allies of the Order, among the first to recognize the threat and the promise of power that the rifts held. For centuries, they provided legions of expert archers to man the rift fortresses.

Ivy is a young elf, born in the chaos of the dying days of the old Order. Her father vanished without a trace in the dead world beyond the rifts when she was an infant, captured by the orcs when one of the first fortresses was overrun. Extremely talented with a bow, she also demonstrated a diverse and powerful affinity for rift magic at an early age. Too young to have joined the Order when the rifts were closed by the War Mage, she quickly enlisted in the new Order as soon as the call went out.

Like most in the Order, Ivy has personal reasons to hate the orcs, but she has always approached her duties with grace and calm. She is one of the few mages to get along with everyone equally well; the Order is her family now. Though she never talks about it, she holds out hope that one day she might find her father alive somewhere beyond the rifts.

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