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Weaver Knowledge
The Knowledge Weaver, introduced on Rebirth, level 19, enhances the synergy between traps and spells and adds more utility to both.

Tier 1

Talent Fleet Of Foot

Fleet of Foot

  • Cost: 800 Coins
  • Description: Player runs 20% faster.
  • Prerequisite: None
Talent Skull Anatomy

Skull Anatomy

  • Cost: 800 coins
  • Description: Headshots deal 25% increased damage and headshot kills increase accuracy.
  • Prerequisite: None

Tier 2

Talent Friends In Need

Friends in Need

  • Cost: 1000 coins
  • Description: Nearby guardians regenerate the player’s health.
  • Prerequisite: Fleet of Foot
Talent Trap Linkage

Trap Linkage

  • Cost: 1400 coins
  • Description: Trap kills generate 5% of the player’s mana.
  • Prerequisite: Fleet of Foot OR Skull Anatomy
Talent Spell Magnification

Spell Magnification

  • Cost: 1000 coins
  • Description: Spell kills earn 100% more coins.
  • Prerequisite: Skull Anatomy

Tier 3

Talent Zombie Orcs

Zombie Orcs

  • Cost: 1200 coins
  • Desription: Dead orcs sometimes rise from death to fight for the player.
  • Prerequisite: Friends in Need OR Trap Linkage
Talent Rift Sentience

Rift Sentience

  • Cost: 1200 coins
  • Description: Rifts gain a defensive lightning strike ability.
  • Prerequisite: Trap Linkage OR Spell Magnification

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