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The Kobold King is a playable character in Orcs Must Die! Unchained. He needs to be unlocked either through the shop or a card pack(tiny chance). He uses a whip which can hit up to 3 enemies in a line in front of the Kobold King, he can also use it for an attack that hits all nearby enemies that reduces attack damage.

200px-Kobold King


  • Rage (passive) - Any time the Kobold King is near another kobold that dies, he becomes enraged temporarily gaining an attack damage buff that stacks.
  • Whistle - Friendly kobolds in range become enraged receiving higher attack and health, and turn into aggressive hunters. enraged kobolds remain this way for 15 seconds.
  • Flee - The Kobold King briefly gets faster and breaks all stunning and slowing effects on himself and nearby allies


Of all the species that fight for the Unchained, the lowly kobolds are both the least powerful and the least respected. Fragile, cowardly, and sneaky, kobolds are just barely smarter than animals. They do not speak any common or orc languages, instead chattering away in high-pitched rodentlike squeaks. They can only follow the most basic instructions - commands no more complex than 'go that way.' Before the rifts closed, their motivations for assisting the orcs were never fully understood.

All of which makes the Kobold King a highly unusual individual. Arriving at the camp of the orc leaders in the dead world shortly after the War Mage shut the rifts, he wore a crude iron crown and a tattered cap made out of something that might once have been cloth, waving a dead branch for a scepter and squeaking angrily.

Slowly, and with a lot of stick-figure drawing in the dirt, the 'king' made himself understood. For generations, kobolds had all been born sterile, but highly attuned to magic. Only passing directly through a rift made kobolds fertile (and in fact, instantly pregnant). When the rifts closed, the kobolds (who had a long history of parliamentary democracy) selected their very first king, investing in him full authority to find a way to reopen the rifts. The very survival of their species was at stake.

Fortunately the rifts soon reopened. The Kobold King received all the credit, and, as the savior of his people, was allowed to keep his crown. Eager throngs of kobolds joined the Unchained, ready to swarm across the dead world and through the rifts. Soon, it was hoped, new litters of tiny kobold pups would be born in the gutters and sewers of countless worlds.

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