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Weapon Icon Lightning Ring
Lightning Ring
Primary Attack
Damage 300 (Lightning)
Mana Cost 33
Secondary Attack
Damage 300 (Lightning)
Mana Cost 75

The Lightning Ring is a weapon in Orcs Must Die! It is acquired in the Act 3 level: Gateway.


Show the orcs what it’s like to live (briefly) in their own miniature version of Tornado Alley. Send bolts of chain lightning through four orcs at once, or conjure up a powerful storm over the heads of an entire mob and watch the sparks fly!


The primary attack of the Lightning Ring fires a bolt of lightning that randomly jumps to other targets in the area. The secondary attack summons a lightning storm that randomly strikes targets in the area.

Primary fire has high accuracy, moves quickly over long distances and is able to damage whole groups at a time, however its limited damage threshold means its best used against groups of smaller mobs like kobolds, flying enemies and orcs.

In OMD2, the secondary attack can be enhanced with a slow effect. In conjunction with the secondary attack's intermittent lightning strikes, this effect is very effective against almost all enemies - especially large groups of kobolds who would otherwise be moving quickly enough to pass through the cloud with minimal losses.

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