This article contains information about an unreleased product.
Information herein is preliminary and subject to change.
Weaver Leadership


Rarity: Rare

Costs: 1000-3000 coins


Name Effect Cost
Extra Mana Grants the hero additional maximum Mana. Increases Mana by +50.00 Gold 3000
Extra Damage Hero based damage increased. Increases Damage by +12.00% Gold XX00
Move Speed Your movement speed is increased. Move Speed +8.00% Gold 1500
Trickle Leadership Provides a slow but constant flow of Leadership to your Hero. Leadership per sec 3.00 Gold 2500
Charge! Your Minions movement speed is increased. Minion Speed +15.00% Gold XX00
Assault Team Hero and his minions do extra damage to fortress guardians and gates. Attack vs Doors and Guardians +21.00% Gold XX00
Shrug It Off Hero's minions ignore most of the damage of the first attack done to them. Minions 1st Damage -75.00% Gold XX00

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