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4 Medium Orc, 4 Crossbow Orc, 1 Cyclops Shaman


Rarity: Rare

Leadership: 1500

Rank: 4

Medium Orc

Medium Orcs hit a little harder and can take a little more abuse then their Light brethren.

Stats Armor
DPS 20.00 Physical 0.0
Hit Points 175 Arcane 0.00
Speed 1.10 Fire -30.00
Rift Points 1 Frost -30.00
Range 1.00 Lightning 0.00
Bounty 40

Crossbow Orcs

Crossbow Orcs shoot ranged Physical projectiles. They are very deadly in groups.

Stats Armor
DPS 35.00 Physical 0.0
Hit Points 135 Arcane 0.00
Speed 1.10 Fire -30.00
Rift Points 1 Frost -30.00
Range 7.00 Lightning 0.00
Bounty 65

Cyclops Shaman

Cyclops Shamans shoot high-damage Arcane projectiles. Get in close to kill them, as they are resistant to Arcane and Lightning damage.

Stats Armor
DPS 60.00 Physical -20.0
Hit Points 800 Arcane 30.00
Speed 0.80 Fire 0.00
Rift Points 3 Frost 30.00
Range 6.00 Lightning 30.00
Bounty 215

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