Midnight is a playable character in Orcs Must Die! Unchained. She needs to be unlocked either through the shop or a card pack (tiny chance). She uses an assassin's blade she can also use it for a vital strike which ignores all armor ( and armor weaknesses) on the target. Vital strike does it's base damage plus a percentage of the targets health.



  • Swiftness (passive)- When Midnight kills an enemy, she moves more quickly for a brief time.
  • Snare - Midnight places a snare. The snare takes a second to activate, but is invisible to enemies once active. If triggered by an enemy hero that steps on it, the snare stuns the target. Three snares can be active at once.
  • Prowl - Midnight vanishes. While invisible, she moves at reduced speed and disables nearby traps. If she takes damage or attacks she reappears, but briefly does extra damage. Midnight cannot activate Prowl while in combat.


Midnight is the third daughter of the king of a sentient catlike species that haunts the dense undergrowth of a deadly tropical jungle. In the tradition of her people, she was trained from childhood as a deadly assassin, the king’s right hand. A ruthlessly effective killer even before the rifts opened on her world, she found herself able to tap into magical power and achieve feats of agility and stealth unequalled among her kind. The invading orc armies recognized her talents, and promised to spare her people and her world if she would serve their cause.

On her first mission against the Order, Midnight slipped behind a rank of enemy paladins and eliminated all five, clearing the path for a large group of kobolds and orcs. Overconfident, she then attempted to slip through the rift herself, only to be stunned by a hammer blow on the back of her head delivered by the minotaur blacksmith Temper. Captured and thrown in the fortress dungeons, she managed to escape after two days, slipping past the guards and back through to the Unchained lines. Her captivity affected her deeply; she will die before being caged again.

Today, Midnight is among the most prolific and elusive of the Unchained assassins. Cautious, she sticks to the shadows, but always hunts for the minotaur that caught her unaware.

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