<AbstractType> tags the <Entity> as a certain type of thing in-game. Multiple Types are allowed. Types are added between the tag. 



AbstractTypes are best used in <TargetEntity> type <Conditions> when checking for one type of thing, but not another.



The above <Conditions> will check for Heavy units, but not VeryHeavy units.

Known AbstractTypes

Monster Types

  • Horde - All enemies have this AbstractType.
  • NonFlying
  • Flying
  • Heavy
  • VeryHeavy - All VeryHeavy units also have the Heavy AbstratctType.
  • RangeAttacker
  • Orc
  • Ogre
  • Gnoll
  • Troll


  • MagicStaffCharmImmunity
  • CharmImmunity
  • PolyImmunity
  • FrostImmunity
  • FireImmunity
  • BleedImmunity
  • AcidImmunity
  • PoisonImmunity
  • ZombieImmunity - Immunity to being killed in a Void Wall.
  • StunImmunity
  • FearImmunity


  • PrePlacedTraps - For traps that are sometimes included in levels already (eg. Boulder Chutes).
  • Traps
  • Minion - aka Guardians.


  • Warmage - The player(s). Includes co-op partners.


  • Pickup - Potions, Gold, and Skulls.
  • Pickupable - Included in many enemies AbstractTypes. For example, Wind Belt secondary checks for this Type.
  • Destructable - Things that blow up, like Boom Barrels or Alchemy Bombs.


  • Weapon - Weapons in the game. Some enemies also have defined weapons.
  • Wisps - The blue trails that leave the Rift and show pathing.
  • MinecartSwitch - The activatable Mincart Switching Post.
  • DisableOnGoBreak
  • DoesNotEnterRift - This Type prevents things from entering the Rift. For example, Gnoll Hunters and Grenadiers.

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