The <Break> tag indicates a wave of enemies in Timing files, which define break times and gold bonuses in Onslaughts. The number of <Break>s should be the same as the number of <Wave>s in the Onslaught Files.


Tag Attributes Children
<Break> NightmareBreakTime


The value of a <Break> tag is the number of seconds before the wave begins (Ten seconds in the example).


A value of -1 indicates a Go Break.



  1. NightmareBreakTime is usually only included in the first <Break> tag as -1 for a Go Break. It indicates the break time before a round begins while in Nightmare Mode. If this attribute is excluded while in Nightmare Mode, the player receives the default break time of three seconds.
    <Break NightmareBreakTime="-1">-1</Break>
  2. BonusGold is the amount of gold the player receives before a round begins. This attribute is normally excluded from the first <Break> tag because the starting gold value is contained in another game file.
    <Break BonusGold="1500">10</Break>
  3. WavePoints
    <Break WavePoints="1">-1</Break>

Child Nodes


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