This tag, nested under <Effects> initiates another <Action>


This calls another action with the name "MobSummonerSummon"


This performs an action, but is random as to which action it performs. 80/100 times (the sum of all weights) it will run "MobCasterCastFireball", and 20/100 times it will run "MobCasterCastLightning".

    <ActionName Weight="80">MobCasterCastFireball</ActionName>
    <ActionName Weight="20">MobCasterCastLightning</ActionName>

Nested Tags


The Action is only invoked when the tag given in <StartTag> is activated.


The Action is only invoked when the tag given in <RepeatTag> is activated. This will stay persisted and will run any time anything calls the given tag.


The name of the action to run. There can be multiple <ActionName> tags listed, each with a weight associated with it. The weight numbers can be whatever you want, but the chance of any action being run = (the weight of that action) / (the sum of all weights). See <ActionName> for more information.


The entity or entities to be considered the "target" of the action performed. This can be defined multiple ways - defining the current target, targets in a cone, targets it a radial AOE, etc. See <TargetEntity> for more information.


The entity to be considered the "source" performing the action. For instance, one entity might invoke an action on itself to "DestroySelf" but change the SourceEntity to a different target. That entity would then be the one to "DestroySelf". See <SourceEntity> for more information.


If the given tag is activated, this action will immediately end, or effectively be interrupted.

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