Effects are a list of operations that occur in an action provided the <Conditions> defined have been met. Some effects can even be to call more actions (see <DoAction>)

Synchronous vs Asynchronous Effects

  • Many effects occur in sequence. It's important to understand that All effects are near instantaneous before moving on to the next one.
  • Effects that have a time component operate asynchronously. These might be setting a timer, or starting an animation
  • <StartTag> is used in effects to signify that the effect is to not occur unless the tag specified is called.
  • Often, <StartTag> is used as a "callback".

Observe the following script from the StoneStaff file:



<DoAction name="DoStone">
    <TargetEntity Angle="70" Distance="1200" InnerSortDistance="0" InnerConeWidth="400" Ignore1="Warmage">Cone</TargetEntity> 

It's important to note the actual sequence of events here:

  • Timer occurs first, and starts a timer. The action does not wait for the timer to finish before moving on to the next effect
  • ModifyEnergy is called next.
  • DoAction has a <StartTag> with the tag "DealDamage" listed,  which means this effect does not occur until that tag is activated or "called". So for now, this effect is ignored.
  • All effects after DoEffect are executed.
  • The first timer finishes, and so it executes the "callback" using <CallTag>, giving the "DealDamage" tag name.
  • Since the DealDamage tag was called, NOW the DoAction labeled "DoStone" occurs.

Nested XML Tags

These tags are nested under the <Effects> tag:


A timer kicks off and performs and activates a "tag" upon completion. See <Timer> for more information.


Activates a particular tag name, evoking all other effects which have that tag under a <StartTag> See <ActivateTag> for more information.


Performs another <Action>. Best practice is to keep the Actions small and as granular as possible so they can be re-used, are more readable, and are easier to troubleshoot. See <DoAction> for more information.

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