This page will be a reference for all XML tags used in the Orcs Must Die! 2 XML files. This is a serious work in progress and we would appreciate any and all help with documenting and explaining these tags.


<!-- ***************************** -->
<!-- ****** Example Comment ****** -->
<!-- ***************************** -->

Comment lines allow yourself and others to easily understand what is going on in your coding. These are not parsed when the code is read, so you can type anything in them. Use these often to prevent any confusion!


Entities are usually tangible objects, creatures, minions, characters or traps that exist. They can be a little more abstract and be ranged projectile objects that are fired, or storm clouds from the lightning ring.

The tags used from entity to entity can vary greatly, and many may not apply to what you're doing. It's best to look at the various entities in the files to get an idea for what common attributes and tags are used to define the entities you are interested in.

<Entity name="UniqueNameHere"></Entity>

The first step in <Entity> creation is the code above. You must name your entity and the name must be unique to it. Per the common naming convention, all actions (which are also unique across all entities) should have the <Entity> name in the first part of the action's name. In the picture to the right is an example of the naming convention.

Next is a list of tags used in the <Entity> tag.



  • Name to be displayed in-game upon cursor hover.


  • The path to the texture file used which is displayed in-game upon cursor hover.


  • The physical attributes of the <Entity> in-game.


  • Tags the <Entity> as a certain type of thing in-game.
  • Multiple Types are allowed.
  • Types are added between the tag.


  • Visual information for the <Entity>.


  • Actions that the <Entity> can perform. <Entity> actions have specific "Types" as well.
  • Actions have <Conditions> which can define logic if the action runs or not
  • Actions have <Effects> which are a series of operations to perform (only if the conditions are met)


  • Allows the <Entity> to be selected in-game.


  • Unsure what this does.


  • The <Stats> tag has many attributes that define the <Entity> in-game.


  • Points to the information <Entity> if available.


  • The color of the <Entity> on the minimap in-game.


  • Unsure what this does.


  • Allows the <Entity> to be placed flat against a surface based on it's model bones.


  • Unsure what this does. Not to be confused with





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