Icon The Mob Mountain Troll
Mountain TrollRegenerates health; immune to bleeding, poison and stun; vulnerable to lightning and fire
Health 700
Damage 50 (Impact) + 3 seconds of bleeding damage
Reward 80Coin
Loot Small Coin
Multiplier Piercing = "0.33"

Cutting = "0.66" Explosive = "2.0" Ice = "0.5" Lightning = "2.5" Burning = "17.5" Bleeding = "17.5" (immune to DOT effect) Physics = "3.5"

Speed 200 (slow)
Specialty Immune to bleeding, bleeds enemies, regenerates health
Rift Points 5

Mountain Trolls are an enemy type in Orcs Must Die! 2 that regenerate health over time.


  • Mountain Trolls move somewhat slowly, and do not regenerate health while frozen.
  • As with Armored Ogres, the quickest way to dispatch one of these monsters is to convert it with Spore Mushrooms. They make powerful allies if converted or charmed.
  • The Sorceress's Polymorph Ring can be very effective against all larger enemies, provided the user is prepared for what may result. See Polymorph Ring for further details.


  • All Trolls regenerate at a far slower rate when converted with spore mushrooms. The same is true temporarily when charmed using the Sceptre of Domination. This intentional change is likely for the purpose of balance - a mountain troll would be almost invincible to foes with its default regeneration rate.
  • The Mountain Troll is not actually Immune to stun, despite what is stated in-game. This can be confirmed when checking its game files in the Source XML file set or in-game.

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