Icon The Mob Mr. Moneybags
Mr Moneybags
Reward 1200Coin
Rift Points 0

Mr. Moneybags is an enemy in Orcs Must Die! 2. He appears in Endless Mode. He features particularly high HP, comparable to an Armored Ogre. Like Kobold Runners, his attention cannot be drawn to the player or guardians; instead, Mr. Moneybags will always head straight for the Rift, pushing any living obstacle out of his way. He can easily be stopped using the Ice Amulet, making it easier to kill him.

Mr. Moneybags appears at the end of every fifth wave in Endless Mode, announced by a particular jingle. Letting him break through doesn't cost any rift points; defeating him awards a single coin dropped worth various amounts of gold depending on how far you are. Things are worth less the farther you go.

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