Icon The Mob Ogre
Ogre enemyTakes lots of punishment; counts for 5 rift points
Health 1600
Damage 125 (Impact)
Reward 50Coin
Loot Gold 100%
Multiplier Blade Staff x 7.0
Sharp x 4.0
Speed 300
Specialty Heavy, charges, stuns
Rift Points 5

The spearhead of the horde, ogres are tough, dumb and slow. They deal large amounts of melee damage and are best dealt with from a distance. If the War Mage is hit by their attacks, he will be stunned for a few seconds. Each ogre that escapes through the rift will take 5 Rift points rather than the usual 1 point taken by all other enemies. They also are too heavy to be sprung or pushed by Spring Traps or Push Traps, unless they are upgraded with the Steel Weaver.