The Orcs Must Die! 2 Soundtrack includes 18 tracks from Orcs Must Die! and Orcs Must Die! 2. It is available on Steam.

Track List

  1. Title Track
  2. Soundtrack-Art

    Album art

  3. Gore Mage
  4. Apocalypstick
  5. Giant Killerz
  6. Slay Muffin
  7. Samilton
  8. Mine Games
  9. Lil Monster
  10. Bar Fight
  11. Ludvig Von Bad Bottom
  12. Two Tone Towers
  13. Skull Crush
  14. Womantastic
  15. Lovers Quarrel
  16. Ogres in Like
  17. Untitled
  18. You Win (Original)
  19. Got Any Credits

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