Be it spirit, demon or mortal – heads will be rolling at the Halloween event!


• New Hero: Ancestor

• New Map: Highlands

• Newish Map: Creepy Cliffside Clash?

• Matchmaking

• Chat

• Hero Updates

• New Vanity Skins

• Bot Updates

• Trap Updates

• Gear Updates


• Falling damage (what tiny bit there was) has been removed.

• Screenshot button is now on theF12 key. The screenshot itself is stored in this location: C:\Users\<username>\Documents\My Games\Orcs Must Die\Unchained\SpitfireGame\Screenshots\Win64 Where C:\ is where the drive where your Documents are stored, and where Win64 may be Win32 if you are running 32bit Windows.

• There are new damage flyoffs for situations in which a character is resistant or immune to the attack you’re making against them.

• When you hit the TAB input in game, you now see Economy information as well as the stuff that was there before.

• Performance adjustments… to make it better… theoretically…

• Guardian aggro adjustments

• Other things besides heroes got name changes for reasons. Repeat: This does not affect their functionality.

• There’s music in the Dashboard!

• The Arcane weaponry debuff from Weavers no longer stacks.

• The enemy’s Rift is now red (or whatever color red is to those of the rainbow-ly challenged. Please refer to the Color Blind settings in the options menu for your opportunities.)

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