Weapon Icon Polymorph Ring
Polymorph Ring
Primary Attack
Effect Randomly transforms enemies
Secondary Attack
Effect Transform yourself into an ogre

The Polymorph Ring is a weapon in Orcs Must Die! 2. The Sorceress can purchase it from the spellbook.

The primary attack transforms its target into a different creature, whilst the secondary temporarily transforms the user into an Ogre.


  • Leveling (3x): Primary attack has less chance for monster transformations, increased chance for chickens
  • Unique 1: Secondary transforms you into a Frost Ogre, who deals ice damage and is resistant to ice effects
  • Unique 2: Secondary transforms you into a Fire Ogre, who deals fire damage and is resistant to fire effects

Possible Polymorphs

The following apply to land-based enemies. Flyers will always be polymorphed into chickens. When this occurs, they will promptly fall to the ground and explode in a harmless puff of feathers. Land-based chickens are friendly and will be attacked by approaching Orcs. While chickens cannot attack, one hit by an Orc is sufficient to kill a chicken.

It is recommended that some mana be kept in reserve when transforming enemies, so as to re-polymorph or freeze some of the more nasty monsters, should they suddenly appear.