Icon The Order Pounder
Trap Pounder
Placement Ceiling
Cost 500 Coin
Upgrade 14 Skull
Damage 100 (Impact)
Effect Flinch, Stun 3 sec (Upgrade)

The Pounder is a ceiling placed Damage Trap introduced in The Arena, level 13 in Orcs Must Die! or unlocked in the spellbook in Orcs Must Die! 2 at the cost of 10 skulls. It crushes enemies from above.


What’s the best cure for an orc’s migraine? Keeping hitting him on the head until he’s dead! The pounder gets the job done at a highly reasonable price. Throw a few tar traps or a decoy underneath; by the time the orcs think to look up, it’ll be too late.

Upgrades (OMD! 2)

  • Levels 1 of 3: Pounder deals more damage
  • Unique 1: Pounder briefly stuns enemies
  • Unique 2: Trolls and Ogres struck by the pounder sometimes drop coins


  • One swinging mace is the same price as three pounders, but is far more powerful.


Steam-icon-Tenderized Tenderized!
Get 50 Pounder kills in one level