Precipice is the seventh level in Orcs Must Die! 2 and the final level in Act 1. Upon its completion the Boulder Chute is awarded.

Precipice Map

Level Description


  • Entrance Rifts: 4 (Two in the air)
  • Exit Doors: 2
  • Waves: 9
  • Rift Points: 30 (Nightmare: 15, Endless: 30)
  • Completion Time (par): 18:30
  • Starting Money: 6000Coin (Endless: 8000Coin)



  • Barricade mazing can be very effective on this level. If you place a line of barricades south of the tracks on the west side of the main area, and between the tracks on the east side, you can force the eastern enemies to cross the northern mine cart track bridge, and all land enemies to cross the southern mine cart track bridge. However, watch out for Kobold Sappers if you are playing Endless Mode. Furthermore, this will not have any effect on flyers.
  • Another way to beat this level is to block off the right-side hall with barricades and load the left-side hall with lots of spring traps. This will force all of the orcs that spawn from the left rift onto the minecart track, and the spring trap should throw off any survivors. If you have the reduced reset time upgrade, this will easily deal with most types of orcs but be mindful of Ogres, as they are not affected if you dont have the upgrade.


Achievement Halfway There Halfway There
Complete campaign, Act 1
Achievement Tough Going Tough Going
Complete campaign, Act 1 Nightmare


Preparation Track :Untitled

Battle Track :Castlemania