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Prospector is a playable character in Orcs Must Die! Unchained. He needs to be unlocked either through the shop or a card pack(tiny chance). He uses a shovel which he can also use to shovel up a large sand cloud that slows all enemies and reduces their lightning and physical armor.



  • Short (passive) - Tall enemy minions such as giants, ogres, trolls, and grizzlies will not notice or attack the Prospector, even if he attacks them.
  • Tunnel -The first use of this ability creates a tunnel entrance at the prospectors feet, while the second creates the other end. Any ally can use this tunnel.
  • Dynamite - The Prospector hurls a bundle of dynamite that briefly disables traps and does damage to enemies in an area.


One of several dwarves that struck it big during the Great Mineral Rush in the previous century, the Prospector has a nose for gold and an engineer's attention to detail. Unfortunately, he lacks all business sense. After squandering his first three fortunes, the Prospector met and married Brass, who has since carefully managed the pair's money and provides him with a generous allowance.

Having spent most of his life alone and underground, the Prospector is a hard dwarf to like. However, he did form a close friendship with the War Mage when the two worked side by side in the dwarven mines.

When magical rifts opened in the mines and destroyed the most valuable mineral veins, the Prospector was infuriated. After the orc invaders were beaten back, he offered his engineering services to the reformed Order and was put in charge of constructing the new rift fortresses.

A lover of explosives and secrets, the Prospector has proven to be an invaluable asset in the fight against the Unchained. He has a knack of appearing right where the enemy least expects him to be, and his extensive knowledge of the tunnels and hidden chambers of the rift fortresses is unmatched.

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