Icon The Order Shock Zapper
Shock ZapperCeiling mounted turret; adept at frying fliers
Placement Ceiling
Cost 800 Coin
Upgrade 16 Skull
Damage 40 (Piercing) + 200 (Lightning)
Reset Time 12.5s per charge, holds 3 charges (upgrade: 4)
Effect Lightning has a chance to randomly jump to other units in the area

The Shock Zapper is a ceiling placed Damage Trap in Orcs Must Die! It is introduced in the Artifacts of Power DLC, which was released Oct 25, 2011.

Anything that moves underneath it gets hit with lightning damage, afterwards it will need time to recharge. Works best against flying enemies where appropriate.

Orcs Must Die! 2

Unlocked by completing the Mirror Image mission

Type: Ceiling/Wall*

Cost to place: 1000

Level 1: Holds more charge for zapping enemies. Cost: 3

Level 2: Holds more charge for zapping enemies. Cost: 7

Level 3: Holds more charge for zapping enemies. Cost: 15

Unique 1: Briefly stuns targets. Cost: 6

Unique 2: Chains to an additional target but consumes more charge per use. Cost: 6

Special: Shock Zappers can now be placed on walls. Cost: 12

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