This article contains information about an unreleased product.
Information herein is preliminary and subject to change.
Card Pack


Standard pack - Contains 5 cards from the current Season Core set, including 1 guaranteed Rare or better.


Gold 750 gold

Note: You receive discount by buying 10 or 25 packs

Skull 1800 Skulls


This list needs more content

The Single Pack can contain the following cards:

Name Rarity
Midnight Heroic
Gnome Repair Kit Mythic
Teleportation Ring Mythic
Arcane Bubble Blower Rare
Armored Wall Blades Rare
Bytor's Snowdogs Rare
Elizabeth Support Weaver Rare
Elspeth Lightning Weaver Rare
Esther Arcane Weaver Rare
Flame Bracers Rare
Frost Ward Rare
Grizz Power Rare
Mable Leadership Weaver Rare
Mage Plus Eight Rare
Millicent Frost Weaver Rare
Minor Glyph of Blood Rare
Now Begins the Heals Rare
Physical Ward Rare
Satyrs out of Bags Rare
The Whole Shebang Rare
Who's the Boss Rare
Can't Stop Them Uncommon
Da Bears Uncommon
Duck Hunters Uncommon
Gate Bash Brigade Uncommon
Glyph of Health Uncommon
Good as it Gets Uncommon
High Temp Brimstone Uncommon
Improved Ceiling Ballista Uncommon
Locked and Loaded Uncommon
Molten Brimstone Uncommon
Orc Quadruplets Uncommon
Six Pointy Ends Uncommon
Thougher than We Look Uncommon
Target Practice Uncommon
Arcane Floor Spikes common
Arrow Wall common
Boulder Chute common
Brimstone common
Charged Floor Spikes common
Ceiling Ballista Common
Chilled Floor Spikes common
Cursed Ground common
Cursed Balista common
Decoy common
Fire Ballista common
Frost Ballista common
Gnomish Wall Blades common
Heated Floor Spikes common
Ice Vent common
Iceberg Boulder Chute common
Naphtha Sprayer common
Orcish Ballista common
Pounder common
Sturdy Decoy common
Tesla Coil common
Viscous Tar common
Wall Blades common

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