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Sir Winston is a playable character in Orcs Must Die! Unchained.He needs to be unlocked either through the shop or a card pack(tiny chance). He uses a cursed arcane blade which he can also use for a spin attack that hits all nearby enemies. Both these attacks apply a curse that reduces attack damage, the curse stacks.

200px-Sir Winston

Abilities Edit

  • Dark aura (passive) - Minions and players that do damage to Sir Winston from melee range grow weaker and receive a stacking damage debuff.
  • Curse - Can be cast on any enemy minion or hero. The cursed target takes damage and nearby allies gain health. Guardians are immune to curse.
  • Mortal Fear - All nearby enemies are unable to use their abilities while this aura is active


Sir Winston was once the greatest of the Paladin Corps, an army of powerful Order warriors. Eight of the paladins he trained were his own kin. No one gave as much of their life to the Order as Winston did.

When the Order fell, Winston suffered many wounds in defense of the fortresses, barely escaping with his life. No injury cut as deep, however, as the loss of all eight of his brave sons. With the rifts closed, Winston fell into grief, mourning the passing of his boys in his lonely mountain fortress.

When the rifts began to open again, and the call went out for paladins to help rebuild the Order, Winston refused to join. But then he learned that the Sorceress – the woman he held responsible for the death of his boys – was now welcomed as an ally by the War Mage. Enraged and distraught, Winston fled into the wilds, eventually stumbling through a newly-opened rift.

Wandering the many worlds beyond, he searched for magic powerful enough to exact revenge on the mages of the Order. He found it in a mysterious blade that whispered to him in the darkness, promising to bring back his sons if he would only serve the Unchained.

Now, wielding his terrible sword, Sir Winston fights against his former allies, always seeking to force a final confrontation with the Sorceress.

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