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Smolder is a playable character in Orcs Must Die! Unchained. She needs to be unlocked either through the shop or a card pack (tiny chance). She throws slow moving fireballs at a target. She can also use Flame breath which is a ranged cone of fire that lasts as long a right-click is held down or until smolder runs out of mana, burning everything within the cone.



  • From the Ashes (passive) - When Smolder is killed, she reforms in an explosion with a portion of her health and mana. After being triggered, this ability has a long cooldown.
  • Fire Form - When toggled, Smolder bursts into flames, doing fire damage to enemies around her. While in fire form she is immune from all fire damage, crowd control abilities, and disables nearby fire-based traps.
  • Ignite - Everything in a large radius around Smolder that is already on fire burns even hotter, taking additional damage. In addition, the target takes additional damage based on a percentage of its remaining health.


Smolder was a young Order apprentice when the rifts were closed. She had watched her master fall in battle with the orcs as he tried to hold one of the last fortresses single-handedly. Instead of attempting to save him, she took the opportunity to flee, vanishing into the wilderness until the rifts reopened and her powers returned.

As a young mage, Smolder was raised on the tales of the betrayal of the Sorceress - how she abandoned the Order and travelled to the dead world to forge an empire. But instead of serving as a warning, the story of the Sorceress only inspired her. When the War Mage and Sorceress formed an alliance and called for new mages to rebuild the Order, Smolder saw opportunity in chaos. She slipped through the rifts and made contact with the Unchained, offering her services as an advisor. Bloodspike, smitten by her beauty, quickly accepted, and Smolder has been at his side ever since.

Ambitious and quick to anger, Smolder is highly intelligent but not as subtle as the Sorceress, preferring force to persuasion. Her powers manifest as raw, uncontrolled energy that few other mages can withstand. Though she has sworn an oath to serve Bloodspike, she waits for an opportunity to seize power over the Unchained herself and rule as their queen, as the Sorceress once did.

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