Icon The Order Steam Trap
Trap Steam Trap
Placement Floor
Cost 400 (300 upgrade) Coin
Upgrade 12 Skull
Effect Lifts mobs

Steam Traps are a floor trap that deal no damage, but hinder enemy movement. They are very useful for stopping a group of enemies and can add a whole new way to kill orcs if you are running out of space on the ground but have a lot of space above. It can blast enemies into the air 2 blocks above the trap (that is, the peak is at the second block).


The Steam Trap is the most useful when used with other wall traps such as the Wall Blades or Arrow Wall. On The Stream you can use this method to have Arrow Walls that not only attack the aerial enemies but also any orcs that walk onto the steam trap.


A combination of Steam Traps and Arrow walls being used.