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Stinkeye is a playable character in Orcs Must Die! Unchained. He needs to be unlocked either through the shop or a card pack(tiny chance). He uses a cyclops staff which can also an arcane bomb at his location, the bomb grows and eventually exploding for damage and disabling nearby traps



  • Change of Heart (passive) - When Stinkeye of a friendly cyclops dies, a ghost cyclops that fires healing projectiles is left behind. The ghost cyclops cannot be killed.
  • Attack totem - The attack totem periodically fires projectiles at nearby enemies. If Stinkeye shoots the totem, it splits into three projectiles that target nearby enemies Only three totems may be in play at one time
  • Time totem - Enemy heroes and minions in range of this totem have their movement speed slowed, while enemy traps have their refire rate slowed. Allies are sped up. Only three totems may be in play at one time


As a species, the reclusive, solitary cyclops are highly attuned to rift magic. If they banded together they could rule the Unchained, but they lack ambition and drive. Content to serve in a supporting role, they have been loyal allies of the orcs for decades. 

When Stinkeye was first encountered on the battlefield, he seemed like a typical cyclops - lumbering, sluggish, able to cast powerful spells but lacking finesse and imagination. Yet time and time again, the Order mages underestimated him. In one famous encounter he outmaneuvered the Master, somehow appearing on a ledge above him and nearly knocking the old mage into a lava pit. On another occasion, he appeared to be attacking a fortress all alone but had in fact concealed a dozen kobold runners in his loincloth, releasing them only seconds from the rift.

Stinkeye's unique totem-based magic is the perfect manifestation of the balance of laziness and guile in his personality. Through placing totems, he is able to project his power in multiple places at once, and is able to move and fight at a slower pace.

It is impossible to rattle Stinkeye; when facing impossible odds or forced into a defensive position, he simply laughs, a coarse, chortling sound that inspires the Unchained to fight even harder.

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